Crushing Equipment


Our jaw crushing structures and chassis are built to support any manufacturers designed machine. The portable, stationary, and modular type structures range in varying sizes to accommodate all model sizes of jaw crushers.

Our heavy duty structures are mainly constructed of structural I-beam steel, and are robust in design to sustain any conditions of their application.

Our heavy duty I-Beam constructed chassis is designed to meet the rugged requirements of both the sand & gravel and mining industries. This chassis is highly customizable to meet our customers needs and choice of cone manufacturer. We use heavy duty Triple Track Hub Piloted Axles,11.00 x 22.5 bias ply tires, heavy duty brakes and a Hutch Leaf Spring Suspension. Our chassis features a raised viewing platform with catwalks and railings on all four sides. We equip our chassis with tail lights/mud flaps and hydraulic legs, power panels and custom feed baskets are available.

Optional Equipment: Toshiba, Weg, or U.S Motors 400 hp 1800 RPM motor, Power Packer Stiff Legs (12 Volt) or Honda power, Overflow Basket & Spout.