Core values


It is our firm belief as an organization and as individuals that we would act in accordance with “Golden Rule”, regarding others as we wish to be treated, conducting our business in all aspects with honesty and integrity.

Performance & Innovation

The fundamental elements of our efforts, continually raising the bar, pursuing the development and production of safe equipment with sustainable performance and long-lasting competitive advantages as a result.


We are determined to seek new opportunities and provide innovative solutions to the ever-changing needs and challenges of the aggregates & mining industry worldwide.

Customer Focus

Our goal is to listen, design and create a product that meets the customer’s needs and exceeds their expectations.


The most valuable asset to DEMI is people. The opportunities and pathways to success are equally offered to all and all are regarded as equal.


Understanding everyone’s role and communication are critical in decision making and focusing our efforts, the key and foundation to our ability to set and achieve our goals.

Economic, Social, & Environmental Responsibility

Three elements that require balance and are constantly in mind as we develop and produce sustainable solutions to those demands.

Life & Safety

Safety comes first. People are more important than results or material things. We will never make a choice where the safety of another person’s life is compromised.


We support our families, communities and our country by utilizing components, and producing equipment, made here in the United States of America. Supporting the quality and integrity that people have come to expect the world over.