While we mainly build Equipment for the Aggregate and Mining Industries we offer a full house fabrication service for all of our customers whether they be from Agriculture to Aerospace.
Our Customers Demand the Highest quality work from a simple fabrication project to a major engineering assembly.

We laser cut all our material using the top of the line Mitsubishi 3015 Laser System. The Laser can cut virtually any material you put in front of it. Using laser cutting, we’re able to cut a variety of materials including aluminum, mild steel, hardened steel, AR (abrasion resistant) steel, stainless steel, titanium, expanded sheet metal, plastics, and other related metals. 

Laser cutting is ideal for cutting precise, detailed parts within .001 thousandths of an inch or 24 microns.  A good example is a quarter which is about an inch wide, take a quarter out of your pocket and try to cut off 1,000 slices of metal off of it. That is how accurate a laser cutting machine is. 


All of our bending/processing is CNC programmed for consistent accurate tolerances, and parts assemblies are Pulse arc welded leaving virtually no spatter for quality, strength, low heat distortion, and finished appearance.

Being situated in the Midwest United States we have great shipping resources available both in house and outside as needed for competitive markets.


We also offer our customers the service of CAD engineered drawings, we take your ideas from paper and napkin drawings and make them a reality.